Curse of the Crimson Throne

A City in Turmoil

Session Four

Upon leaving Citadel Volshyenek the adventurers return to a tavern to question the current happenings. Once there, Ah Hai, the fighter as well as, Drab, the bard begin seeing what the tavern owner knows. He quickly tells them that the city seems to be experiencing riots and chaos on a level never before seen. He tells them that it all is due to the king dying and the “queen” taking the throne. “She’s never liked us Korvosans and we’ve never liked her” he says dispiritedly. When asked what she’s done wrong the owner of the bar quickly whispers “nothing….. she’s just not one of us nor does she try to be.”

The door to the bar is suddenly kicked in heavily while Biggs, the ranger, appears haphazardly. Biggs quickly explains that a large tentacled creature appeared before him breaking out of the sewer while he was walking down the street. It started following once it saw him trying to flee, to Bigg’s knowledge it is still following him by scent and could be here any minute. He quickly tries to pursuade Ah Hai and Drab to leave with him but they choose to hole up inside the tavern with the other adventurers. Once they’ve decided Biggs runs out running away from the scene hastily.

Upon following the scent of Biggs, the Otyugh quickly reaches the tavern and smells his scent everywhere. While trying to find a trail it hears commotion coming from the bar and quickly starts breaking its way in to find its target. A swift battle breaks out with two adventurers being slain by the Otyugh. After Biggs returns to shoot at the creature the bar keep finally has enough of the creatures destruction and stabs his sword through the back of the creature’s throat, killing it. The party iwas delighted at the bar keeps help after he laughed at them trying to fight it for a good minute or two.

With the creatures death they find out it is worth a prize for turning in one dead. Upon receiving the prize they sell their gear and find out that the brooch they have is of the royal family’s crest. The party keeps the brooch safe while they proceed towards the thieve’s guild to see what is to be gained there.


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