Curse of the Crimson Throne

A City Gone Mad

Session Three

Still in shock over the rotting head of the woman that sent them to Gaedren’s lair, the pc’s find a good haul in treasure from the evil do-er. After splitting the newfound riches and appraising specific items they find a brooch with the emblem of the city of Korvosa itself imprinted on it. The brooch is broken which the adventurer Seth fixes with a spell of his. The brooch seems vauable and the pc’s decide to see what it is worth once they arrive back in town.

Upon leaving the foul lair of Gaedren Lamm the pc’s find the city of Korvosa in smoke with fire, chaos and theft happening everywhere. Seth runs into a young man from an aristocratic family surrounded by city farmers gone thug. After a diplomacy check they decide to not skin the young man alive. Deeply indebted the young man gives Seth 5 pp as compensation.

Ah Hai, the fighter of the group gets a vicious disease from a rioting peasant who begins grappling Ah Hai for no reason. Once the man grabbed him Ah Hai reacted pushing him off with disgust in his eyes. With regret in his eyes Ah Hai wished he was a little more perceptive of his surroundings in the chaos that is ensuing. 

Amid the chaos, the citizens of Korvosa begin to run and hide once they hear the flapping of wings. Although the pc’s notice it they don’t run and become entangled in a fight with a band of imps. The imps can sense the gold on the pc’s and plan to take it fast before leaving. Much to their surprise after swiftly routing the pc’s formation a group of pseudodragons swoop in to cleanse their territory of the imps that infect it. A fierce battle breaks out with the imps dying after a ferocious death throe. As the pseudodragons begin to leave Seth quickly says he would like to be accompanied by them. The leader of the group snorts and tells the puny human he is not worthy. After which Seth quickly praises the tiny dragon as a mighty and valiant warrior that Seth has never seen the likes of before. The dragon eventually sees some use in Seth’s tongue and decides to tell Seth that he will accompany them every now and then depending on his whim. In return though the pc’s as a whole will owe him a favor. The dragon swiftly flies away and leaves the pc’s in confusion not understanding what happened between Seth and the dragon. Seth quickly agreed before the dragon was out of ear shot and the deal was made.

Shortly after becoming infected Ah Hai gets mistaken by Grau the Watch Sergeant of Korvosa as a long forgotten friend. The adventurers quickly realize that Grau is drunk and seems to not have showered for weeks. How long has the well liked Watch Sergeant been living as a good-for-nothing for? The pc’s use a wand of cure light wounds charge on Grau to get him back into a clear mind after which they bring him to Citadel Volshyenek. The guards are grateful and send the pc’s away with happy hailings. 


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