Curse of the Crimson Throne

After miraculously making it through the fishery after the fighting broke out the adventurers find themselves facing an ancient barge. After quickly contemplating they charge aboard only to find themselves falling into the belly of the ship. The thought of treasure was quickly replaced by the realization of poison. The ship was the den of a group of spiders that plagued Korvosa. The group of men realizing they were drain spiders could on fight to fend them off while trying to push through. With no way out and whilst surrounded the group defeated the arachnids in a brazen fashion.

Luckily finding a secret door out of the ship the group found a walkway that lead to a hidden base under the old fishery. While rushing forward the sharks surrounding the dock were distracted by the chum the group had chummed the waters with. Once inside the little hideout they instantly saw the villain they had come for…. Gaedren Lamm. Once fighting broke out the old criminal couldn’t keep up in his old age. Even with the help of his pet alligator Gaedren Lamm passed on never to breath again.

Upon recovering from the alligator bites all four of the party looted the treasures to find many beautiful and wonderful treasures. The most valuable being a bejeweled brooch with a broken clasp bearing an insignia of an imp and a pseudodragon coiled around each other. The strangest treasures being a harrow deck that looked exactly like the one they had received their notes on. Even stranger was a woman’s head that looked like Zellara sitting atop the cards. Upon closer inspection they realized it was Zellara’s head and it had been dismembered for at least three weeks. How is that possible?!!?!


cole_thearin cole_thearin

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